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Ant Control

Without a doubt, Ant control is the most problematic pest for homeowners and businesses in the Eastern North Carolina area. These insects are very resilient. They are contently foraging for food and are adapted to many different types of climates and terrain. They like living near humans which is a Constance source of food. These food sources can include pet foods, garbage cans, dropped food crumbs, and many other substances easily found in homes and businesses. For effective, professional ant control and ant extermination in the Kinston / Lenoir County area call D & D Pest Control Co. at (252)523-8255

What does an Ant Control Treatment include?

Complete interior spraying, baseboards, cracks, and crevices around windows, doors, pipes, ect..

Complete 10-foot exterior perimeter treatment – We treat 10 feet out from your home’s foundation.

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