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Where do Bed Bugs Hide ?


Bed Bugs

When not feeding, bed bugs hide in a variety of places in your home.  As professional who have treated 1000’s of homes we have found bed bugs in the following locations:

Bed Bugs Hiding Places

  • Mattresses and box spring is the 1# place.
  • Edges of Carpets, on carpets
  • Behind baseboards, door frames, window frames,
  • Electrical outlets
  • Behind pictures
  • On, in and under – dressers, night stands, chairs, couch cushions & seams.
  • Bed Frames, Headboards, any thing stored under bed.
  • Smoke detectors & CO2 detectors
  • Lap tops and computers
  • Clocks & lamps
  • On personal clothes on floor, in closets, dressers.
  • On Curtains
  • In, Under any appliance: TV’s DVD’s, Phones, Radio’s, exercise equipment.
  • Kid toy’s, pet bedding & Pet Toy’s.

One insecticide alone will not eradicate a bed bug Infestation

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