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Crawlspace Moisture Problem

Wood Decay Damage North Carolina

There are three ways moisture gets under your crawlspace. Each of these are conducive to mold, wood decay and termites and other wood destroying insects.

Crawlspace Evaporation Moisture 

This kind of moisture comes from the ground and evaporates in structures. The best way to stop this kind of moisture is with a 100% installation of a moisture barrier.

Crawlspace Water Intrusion 

Water intrusion happens when exterior water finds it way under your crawlspace and then evaporated into the structure. Examples, gutters not draining away for house, leaky plumbing pipes, crawlspace grade lower then exterior, holes noted in foundation ect…. Fixes for this type of problem require, sump pumps, gutter drainage system, french drains, ect…

Crawlspace Humidity Problem

Hot humid moisture-saturated air that get sucked under a cooler crawlspace has become a major source of excessive moisture. When this very wet air touches a cooler surface, the water vapor condenses (dew point) and water forms on those surfaces. To fix this type would require to install a crawlspace encapsulation system with de-humidifier. All day light should be sealed.

These are symptoms of a crawl space moisture problem:

  • Mold and fungi growth in living areas
  • Musty odors in the living area – Air quality issues
  • Condensation (“sweating”) on air conditioning duct work or equipment
  • Condensation / dripping water on insulation, water pipes in the crawl space
  • Cupping / Buckled hardwood floors
  • Windows and doors swelling / not closing
  • High humidity in the living area
  • Termite & Insect infestations
  • Rot in wooden framing members

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