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Termite Pre-treatment

A new construction termite pre-treatment is an important step for homeowners and property managers in the Eastern, North Carolina area. This treatment provides a chemical barrier between the soil and the wood structure. It is the most cost-effective method for preventing termites. Licensed builders and contractors include it in every structure they build, and prospective homeowners should demand it in every new house they buy.

How It Works

A liquid termiticide is applied during the foundation phase during construction and also depending on the type of structure.  Termite Chemicals are applied when the foundation is backfilled/leveled is completed. If you are also remodeling or adding an addition to your home, it is especially important that the new construction area be treated. Even if your existing structure has been treated, the seam between the old and the new is certain to develop a problem within the coming years.

New Construction Termite  Pre-treatment

How much does a Termite Pre-treatment Cost? 

Cost of the pretreatment depending upon the construction type, square footage, type of chemical to be used, Concentration of chemical,  number of trips needed to treat the property, and type of warranty needed.   




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